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This is a very diverse population of okra descended from many heirloom and modern varieties. This landrace displays lots of variation in pod phenotype, plant size and growth habit, and days to maturity. My main selection criteria has been for earliness, productivity, and pods that last longer on the plant without getting tough. There is still selection to do for all of these traits, but I have been getting a high quality crop from this landrace for several years.


Next year I may divide this population into a tall group and a dwarf group, but currently it contains both types. I recommend growing a large number of plants and saving seeds from those that grow the best for you. One of the benefits of starting with a diverse landrace, is that something is likely to do well for you. Some plants have less spiny pods. I haven't done much selection for this, but you certainly could.


(Abelmoschus esculentus)


Plants grow from 2 to 8 ft tall.


Grown by Mike Jennings on Diablo Valley Farm


Growing tips: Start seeds 6-8 weeks before last frost. I recommend starting seeds in 2 or 3" pots, rather than flats, because I tend to lose a lot of seedlings by transplanting too many times. Okra grows best in hot weather, so the plants may grow slowly if weather is cool early in the season. If you live in a cool climate, it may take several years of saving your own seeds from whatever survives, before this okra adapts to your climate.

Okra Landrace

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